After having put up a team of carefully selected candidates as your employees, it is always important to foster a good working environment among the team, and an important aspect of it is work ethic. Work ethic, is a belief in work as a moral good – a set of values centered on the importance of doing work and reflected especially in a desire or determination to work hard. To cultivate it, here are some guidelines in doing so:


Emphasize Professionalism

For starters, professionalism is acting in a manner that is respectable and is expected in the world of business. Emphasizing professionalism is a core in fostering work ethic and a healthy working environment. This can be exercised by encouraging your workers to be cordial at all times to guests, being on time to work, being accommodating and very responsive to calls, and promoting the company’s core values and mission.



Instill a sense of mutual respect and diplomacy among your workers, display grace under pressure, keep the temper in check and always find a peaceful solution in solving workplace conflicts. Promote social interaction between co-workers, forming a healthy social relations among your colleagues is a very important way in keeping the place in a cool atmosphere even during tight working schedules and significant projects.

What have you done the past month, to promote social activity for your employees?


Form a pattern and be consistent

As a manager of your people, you must form habits that are noticeable and predictable to your co-workers. For example, having a set time of going to work and going out from work, and some more good habits that you can form during work. In that way, your colleagues can sense the aura of predictability that they can possibly mimic to improve their working performance based off your habits.

When you’ve formed a pattern, you should stick to it. You should own it. Consistency is one of the most inspiring traits you can find in a leader. Seeing an unwavering and determined leader is a great deal of morale for the workforce.


Be open to communication

Being always reachable or approachable is a very soothing trait for a leader that everyone should be able to work on. Employees who have trouble at work can easily approach you for help, advice, or suggestions to improve their work or performance. You must also encourage your colleagues to give out some of their thoughts on your leadership that you may fine tune parts that need tweaking for a harmonious working dynamic. Don’t be someone who shirks off having to listen to colleagues’ concerns or feedback, this can lead to distrust to the leadership. You’re a leader, not a dictator.


Be a Now person

Part of a strong work ethic is being able to do things immediately when it is needed. Not wasting time is an important mindset to have, and it is a very fine trait of any great manager or businessman. For example, calling a contact for a business transaction should be done immediately so you can plan ahead on what things shall be considered. You don’t want to be that guy who’ll be constantly delaying activities or tasks that can be done immediately, it instills a bad example to colleagues, as most of the time, people tend to emulate who are superior to them in the workplace.


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