What is Kandio?

Kandio is a strategic tool for evaluating technological knowledge of
third-parties, partners, suppliers and candidates.

Unbiased pre-screening

Kandio is a crucial source of unbiased information at your fingertips, so you can make better decisions about the people you're working with.

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Deep Team Insights

Kandio enables you with deep insights within your team, so you can plan the road ahead better.

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Supplier validation

Kandio enables you to evaluate your suppliers, so you can ensure that they are in fact suited for the project at hand.

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Unbiased pre-screening ensures outstanding teams.

Kandio a revolutionary way for you to use proven content to find the best tech talent for your team.

  • Simple invitation: Invite candidates in seconds, and see the test result populate.
  • Data driven decisions: Migrate gutfeeling to datadriven decisions. and avoid hiring bias.
  • Know the landscape: You no longer have to be an expert to assess a candidate. Our experts has made that easy for you.

Unlock untapped potential and supercharge your team.

With out deep team insights, you'll have more transparency than you ever had before.

  • Educational plans: Base future internal educational roadmap on the actual skills of your team.
  • Salary negotiations: Make skills a central factor on future salary negotiations, and rewards the smartest with bigger compensation.
  • Increase team spirit: One thing that motivates employee more than anything else, is working with other brilliant people. Using Kandio ensures more better people on your team.

Big Tech. Emerging Tech.

Which tests do we have?
What knowledge does our experts cover?
With Kandio you can assess software development, digital marketing, cloud computing and much more

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Elevate your teams to the next level by implementing Kandios online assessment tests throughout your organisation.

Mix your test topics freely

We have a broad catalog of tests, and you can use them as a standalone or several combined. The choice is yours.

Easily invite candidates

You can invite candidates with 1 click, and sit back and await them finishing the test.

Revolutionary reports for better decisions

Our reports take the industry standards to new heights, to ensure that you are left with robust data for better decision making.

Social verification against spam

Kandio integrates seamlessly with platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook so that candidates can validate themselves. You can also use a simple password to invite candidates outside social media.

Behavior analysis

Our behavior analytics reports track every move the candidate makes. After each test, you'll get a thorough breakdown of how the candidate behaved during the test so that you can make better decisions.

Custom branding option

Make Kandio your own. Apply your branding to make sure that candidates do not know the origin of the tests.