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About us

Kandio was founded by 2 Danish serial entrepreneurs in 2018 envisioning it to be job candidates' worst nightmare while being HR Departments' best friend. Never again will it be possible for unqualified candidates talking their way into positions they do not fit into, or have them leave a few months later when either party realizes they were wrong about the hiring.

Company History

  • 2017

  • November

    The sprout

    At November 2017, Patrick T. Rasmussen and Kasper Dam meet up after discussing a mutual lack of recruitment possibilities in the current market. Not much research has been done before it became clear that something was clearly missing, and so an idea began to sprout...

  • 2018

  • April

    Kandio launches

    6 months in, the team now counts 5 full time people, laser-focused on bringing the platform to life. Kandio officially launches!




Instead of squeezing out every dime from our customers, we aim to lower the price significantly. There has been history of above normal profit in the recruitment sector. A history we seek to challenge!

As easy as 1-2-3

After thorough assessment of our competitors, we have concluded that ease-of-use is a huge headache. Whenever an assessment is to be made, you shouldn’t go through 3 support employees and a salesman. You should be able to get going by yourself in a matter of minutes, with the right assessment – and most of all: Without questions!

Trust in product

All tests should be seen as guidelines for better decision-making in the recruitment process. Our tests are industry developed and certified by at least 1 industry expert within his field.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not happy with your purchase, we will refund your money. Simple as that. We only work with happy customers, and we trust enough in our product to guarantee your satisfaction.

A team of winners

Got something to say? Like what we do? Or would you like to join our smiling team?
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Franco Rafael

Franco Rafael

Head of Marketing

[email protected]

Angelo Dagasdas

Angelo Dagasdas

Head Senior Developer

[email protected]

Kasper Dam

Kasper Dam

CEO & Founder

[email protected]

Michael John Magsalin

Michael John Magsalin

Lead Front end developer

[email protected]

Herold C. Buenafe

Herold C. Buenafe

Junior Full Stack Developer

[email protected]